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When your furnace quits, you need fast solutions

If your furnace suddenly needs replacing, you need to take fast action. For example, if it happens during our cold winter, you’ll need a furnace replacement immediately. Fagnan’s Furnace Service understands that sometimes issues with your residential HVAC system can be an emergency. Here are three ways we can help.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Fagnan’s Furnace Service offers emergency services around the clock. That means we have a certified HVAC technician on call that can respond to issues, day or night. If your furnace stops working in the middle of a cold winter’s night, we know that you need help right away.

Our technician will come to your home and perform a complete inspection of your system. First, they will try to repair the problem to get the heat going again. We will arrive fully stocked with the equipment and parts we need for furnace repair.

Hopefully, a repair is all you need. At the very least, it will solve the immediate problem, but sometimes a repair isn’t a permanent solution. If your furnace is in dire need of replacing, we can do that right away too. As Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers, we have a range of quality, high-efficiency furnaces in stock. We can offer a furnace replacement promptly so that you can be warm, cozy, and safe.

Flexible Financing Options

When you have an unexpected HVAC repair or replacement, it comes with an unexpected expense. We understand that you might not have budgeted for your furnace to quit. That is why we offer flexible financing options to ensure you get the repair or replacement you need without worrying about the bill.

Fagnan’s Furnace Service offers fast, convenient, and alternative financing that can help. We can set up easy monthly payments, offer competitive interest rates, and accommodate term options. So if you’re forced to make a last-minute decision and buy a new furnace, we’ll do our best to soften the financial blow.

The good news is that your new high-efficiency furnace will start to save money on energy bills. Upgrading your system will reduce energy use, cut costs, and result in savings over time. Plus, you’ll find your heat is more evenly distributed, the system easily programmable, and it will boost home comfort.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Needing to replace your HVAC system suddenly can be a stressful and expensive experience. While we can always avoid an unexpected break-down, there are several things you can do to help prevent it. Investing in regular furnace maintenance is one of them.

Just like any mechanical system, your furnace requires an inspection, cleaning, and tune-up to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. An annual inspection and furnace service will catch minor issues before they become big problems. We’ll make sure your furnace is running safely and efficiently and can help extend its lifespan.

We can also warn you if your furnace is showing signs of failure. Then, you can prepare, and your furnace replacement will be a planned process and not an emergency.

Contact us to book your furnace service today!

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