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120 years. Still changing the world.

July 17 is the 120 Anniversary of the invention of air conditioning!

In 1902, Carrier's founder, Willis Carrier, invented modern air conditioning to solve the humidity problems a printing press was having in Brooklyn, New York. But in the last 120 years, Carrier's innovation has expanded to enable entire industries, power new possibilities and impact people all over the world!

As Carrier Authorized Factory Dealers, we are celebrating the anniversary of modern air conditioning on July 17. With new technology and innovative advancements constantly improving things, we are excited about the possibilities ahead. Today's world demands indoor environments optimized for health, safety and comfort. Indoor environments that enhance wellness and promote productivity – all while reducing emissions and preserving our earth.

The history of air conditioning is pretty interesting! Check out the infographic below and join us in celebrating the past as we look forward to the future.

Because after 120 years, the invention that changed everything is still changing the world.

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