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5 myths about your air conditioner that cost you money

How you use your air conditioner can significantly impact your energy use and monthly utility costs. However, some myths might seem like an energy-saving idea, but they can cost you more in the long run.

Here are five:

Crank down your thermostat all the way to cool your home faster

Unfortunately, turning down the thermostat to the lowest setting will not improve energy efficiency. Your air conditioner will still run at the same pace. Instead, just set your thermostat to your ideal temperature. Then it won’t have to work as hard to get your home as cool as you want it.

Turn off your AC when you’re not at home to save energy

If you turn your air conditioner completely off when you go to work on a hot summer day, your house will heat up. Then, when you return home and turn it back on, your AC will work double time, trying to get it to cooler levels. Instead, turn the AC down several degrees. Then it can return to your preferred temperature easier, faster, and by using less energy.

Close off vents in unused rooms to save energy

Sometimes, closing off vents in unused rooms can throw off your HVAC’s air distribution. Depending on your system, it can cause pressure to build up in the ducts. As a result, your air conditioner can work harder to cool the rooms you use.

If you turn on fans, you won’t need your AC as much

Unfortunately, fans do not cool the air. We feel relief from the heat from fans due to air circulation. While that can help cool down people, it won’t stop your air conditioner from turning on to bring the temperature to your optimal setting. Circulating hot air will have no impact on your thermostat.

Change your air filter every spring

Yes! You should change your air filter in the spring. However, depending on how much you use your air conditioner, you likely need to check and change your filter more often than that. In addition, things like wildfire smoke, pet hair, and dust can cause your filters to clog faster than usual. Check your manufacturer’s instructions on how often to change it. In addition, you should take a peek at your filters every month or so to ensure it’s still clean and clear.

For more information on air conditioner maintenance and saving energy cooling your home, check out our other air conditioning blogs.

If you need air conditioner service or installation, contact Fagnan’s Furnace Service. We are Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers but can service any make or model of HVAC equipment.

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