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6 Common furnace issues

Like any mechanical system, furnaces can break down and need repairs over time. At Fagnan’s, we’ve been in the furnace industry for many decades and have seen our fair share of issues. In this article, we break down six common furnace issues.

1. Thermostat troubles

When your home isn’t heating as it should be, this could point to a problem with your thermostat. When the thermostat is the problem, there’s a wiring issue, and it could be an easy fix for your HVAC technician.

2. Airflow

A clogged HVAC system will result in poor airflow. On top of this, the ducts throughout your home may also cause airflow issues, especially if they have leaks. Call your HVAC contractor to check for and fix blockages and leaks.

3. Filter problems

You should replace your furnace filter every three months or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A clogged filter can cause strain on your HVAC system, reducing energy efficiency and causing premature breakdowns.

4. Pilot control

The pilot light gets your furnace going when you turn your heat on. This light is a small flame that can go out. When it does, get on the phone with your HVAC company so they can re-light the pilot for you and check for any other pilot light issues. You can also learn how to light a pilot light.

5. Mechanical wear and tear

The average furnace will last approximately 15-20 years. Over time, especially while working hard through Alberta’s tough winters, your furnace can incur some wear and tear. This wear is natural, but, unfortunately, this will also cause functionality issues as time passes. If it’s past the 20-year mark, it’s probably time for a replacement.

6. Forgetting to schedule annual maintenance

No matter the age of your furnace, you’ll want to schedule annual furnace maintenance. Without it, you could pay more for repairs or a replacement down the line. Keep in touch with your Fagnan’s Furnace Service. Annual maintenance service visits are necessary to ensure your furnace continues to work its best.

If it is time for a furnace replacement, Fagnan’s Furnace Service offers a wide range of top-of-the-line energy-efficient furnaces. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and would be happy to help you find the new furnace that is best for you.

If you require furnace repairs, maintenance, or a replacement, give us a call!

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