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Everything you need to know about ductless air conditioners

You do not want to wait until the heat wave has arrived to start thinking about the state of your air conditioner. The 2021 heat dome began in late June, so now time to solve your air conditioning issue. Choosing to do so will guarantee your comfort this summer and help you avoid long waits when everyone decides they need a new air conditioner on the hottest day of the year.

HVAC systems generally use ducts to move cool (or hot) air around your building, but not everyone needs or wants a central AC. Ductless air conditioners are the perfect solution! They’re easy to install and offer energy savings.


One of the main advantages offered by ductless air conditioners is their superior energy efficiency. Unfortunately, ducts are the weakest link in traditional air conditioning systems. As a result, you lose at least 25% of all energy in the ductwork. In addition, it takes power to move air through the ducts, and even more, if air leakage or blockages are present within the system. ENERGY STAR® estimates homeowners can save 30% on their heating and cooling costs by switching to a ductless air conditioner.

Ductless air conditioners are also much easier to install than traditional systems. Whereas technicians can install a ductless AC in a day, duct systems may need five days or more. The longer install time is because you must install ducts throughout the house, which can be an intense and time-consuming process. However, you only need to drill a small hole in the wall to install a ductless model. Wall mounted, ductless air conditioners are also less vulnerable to air leakage when compared to window air conditioners.


Ductless units are significantly more expensive than other air conditioning systems. For example, window models cost hundreds of dollars compared to the thousands required for a ductless unit. Moreover, replacing the duct system in your home with ductless models can cost two or three times more than just replacing the ducts. However, you will have lower energy bills with ductless even if the initial cost is considerably steeper.

Additionally, ductless air conditioners do a great job cooling the room or area they are in. But, those who want the entire house cooled evenly, or have a larger home, should consider a central AC.


Professional maintenance is essential for both duct and ductless systems. Without it, your air conditioner will not operate at peak efficiency or last nearly as long. For example, you shouldn’t skip regular duct cleaning, annual AC tune-ups, etc.

You won’t have to worry about duct cleaning with a ductless air conditioner, but it will require other maintenance. For example, you need to clean the filter monthly, and professional cleaning is required regularly.

Install a ductless today!

Ductless air conditioners offer energy savings thanks to their extreme efficiency. They're also straightforward to install and a good solution if you just want one area of your home cool without installing an entire central air conditioning system.

For these reasons and more, Fagnan’s Furnace Service is proud to offer Carrier ductless air systems. These units are reliable, durable, and long-lasting. Fagnan’s Furnace Service is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.

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