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Pros of a furnace humidifier

Our furnaces work overtime keeping us warm during the cold Calgary winters. However, dry indoor air is one of the consequences of heating a home through these months.

At Fagnan’s Furnace Service, we can help suggest the right furnace humidifier for your home. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we offer many furnaces and HVAC products with built-in humification systems. Read on as we explain the advantages of investing in a furnace humidifier.

Healthy air is essential to home comfort

Some health issues dry air can cause are cracked skin, dry lips and sore throats. Unfortunately, these symptoms can worsen with very dry indoor air. If you’ve ever gone to bed and woken up in the morning with a mystery sore throat or a hoarse voice, low humidity in your home could be the culprit. Dry indoor air can also irritate those with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues.

You can reduce or eliminate these problems with a furnace humidifier. This product can maintain moisture levels in your home at all times. Ideally, you want your humidity level to be around 35%. Any more, and you risk mould growth. Any less and these uncomfortable problems can crop up. Low humidity also damages wood furniture.

Increased home value

If you’re considering putting your home on the market in the next few years, ensuring you have installed a furnace humidifier will add value to your home. Indoor air quality is essential to everyone, and in Calgary’s dry, cold winters, home buyers are interested in homes that already have furnace humidifiers installed. On top of this, a furnace humidifier will help preserve a house. Dry air can cause cracking and damage to wood floors and other wood features, like cabinets and mouldings.

Lower energy costs

These days, savings on your energy bills counts for a lot. Furnace humidifiers will help you save on energy costs because when your air is moist, it will also feel warmer. Higher humidity means you can set your thermostat a little lower than you would have in the past to achieve the same feeling of warmth in a house with dryer air.

Something else to note is that your furnace humidifier connects to your home’s water supply. As a result, you’ll use less water than is needed for constantly filling the tanks of portable humidifiers.

Fagnan’s Furnace Service is here to help you combat dry indoor air

Whether your furnace humidifier needs repairs or you’re ready to install one, Fagnan’s Furnace Service can help you achieve the perfect humidity for maximized home comfort. We’re also happy to come to have a look anytime to see why your furnace humidifier may not be working optimally.

Call us today to discuss your furnace humidifier needs!

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