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Two ways to improve your indoor air quality this winter

With the windows shut tight all winter long, the air quality in your home can become a problem. If you notice an increase in allergies, dry lips, sinus irritation or mystery sore throats, these are all signs your indoor air quality needs improvement.

The good news? You can improve your air quality. Installing a well-working humidifier in your home is one answer. Indoor air purification via a quality air purifier is another.

Here we explain how these products can help your indoor air quality.


A humidifier will add the moisture you need when your air is overly dry. It's important to note 30% humidity is the minimum recommended level. It's a good idea to test where your indoor humidity is. You can do so using an inexpensive gadget called a hygroscope. It will let you know if your air is too dry. Or, you can call on Fagnan's Furnace Service, and we can come to test it for you.

These winter months produce the driest indoor air of the year because our HVAC systems constantly dry it out. Static electricity in your home also indicates that the air's dryness is mounting.

Many people purchase freestanding humidifiers, which are inadequate for the entire house. For much better results and convenience, installing a whole-home furnace humidifier is a good idea.

Air purifiers

There are many ways in which the air in your home can become contaminated. Pet dander, dust and dust mites will irritate anyone with allergies or asthma. Mould spores will also contaminate your air. Formaldehyde, emissions from fuel-powered combustion appliances, and tobacco smoke will all contribute negatively to indoor air quality.

Air purifiers can clean indoor air and significantly reduce or eliminate these contaminants. Some people think of air purifiers as air filters, but many air purifiers work through ionization. Different air purifiers also do different things. That's why discussing the best air purifier for your household's needs with an experienced HVAC contractor is always best.

Carrier air purifiers and humidifiers

Fagnan's Furnace Service can help you select the best humidifier and air purifier for you and your family. We offer a range of products with varying features and at different price points. We are also a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and offer some of the most innovative products on the market.

For example, Carrier's DGAPA Infinity® Air Purifier works with your HVAC system to silently clean your air and rid your home of nasty contaminants. Its unique Capture and Kills™ technology trap up to 95% of particles and then uses an electrical charge to destroy or inactivate them.

Also, Carrier Factory's HUMCRSTM Performance™ Steam Humidifier generates steam by energizing two electrodes. This humidifier is an excellent option if you want to combat dryness and save on energy costs in a larger home.

Contact Fagnan's Furnace today to discuss the best air purifier or humidifier to improve the air quality in your home!

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