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Understanding multi-stage furnaces

If it is time for a new furnace, you have a few decisions to make. Fagnan's Furnace Service can show you a range of furnace options with varying efficiency ratings, features, and price points.

You may have heard about dual and multiphase furnaces. Read on to learn the basics of single- vs. dual- and multi-stage furnaces. Remember, we can help you decide what furnace model might be best for you.

Single-stage furnaces

A single-stage furnace has only two settings: on and off. Single-stage furnaces are really simple. These older styles aren't as energy efficient as new furnace models but are also less expensive. If budget is top of mind or you live in a smaller home, a single-stage furnace is something to consider.

Dual-stage furnace

Compared to single-stage furnaces, two-stage furnaces bring a new level of control. You will have access to both high- and low-stage heating options within the "on" switch

With dual-stage models, consistency is king. This added level of control will bring your home consistent heat. These furnace models also know how to respond to changes in weather, which is a great thing when living in Alberta, and extreme temperature fluctuations are part of life. In addition, dual-stage furnaces offer stand-out climate control innovations. These innovations allow for excellent energy efficiency and enhanced home comfort.

Multi-stage furnaces

These furnaces take temperature control one step further. Multi-stage (also known as variable) furnaces can keep track of your home's temperature and then respond. For example, it will adjust the blower motor's speed in small increments. The result is a home that receives consistent heat in different areas and over time.

With multi-stage/multi-speed models, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70%. This is because your system will not have to run at full capacity to reach and keep set temperatures. Your furnace also won't stop and start abruptly. As a result, you'll get more consistent airflow and regulated temperatures.

Is a multi-stage furnace right for you?

A multi-stage furnace is slightly more of an investment upfront, but the energy savings will more than make up for that over time. This is a furnace to invest in when you know you'll live in the same home for more than five years. If you're considering a multi-stage furnace, reach out to us. We can walk you through all the benefits, bells, and whistles different multi-stage furnaces offer.

At Fagnan's Furnace Service, we carry a variety of furnace makes and models in single-, dual- and multi-stage categories. Furthermore, we are also a Carrier Factory Authorized dealer! We offer Carrier's modulating furnaces, which provide precise temperature controls and some of the best comfort features in home heating.

Call Fagnan's Furnace Service today to discuss the best new furnace for your home!

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