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Warning signs you need furnace repair

Cold weather is upon us, so we’re all starting to use our furnaces again. Ensuring your furnace is in good working order before winter sets in could mean the difference between a warm and cozy home and a house without heat. So how do you know it might be time for a furnace repair?

These are some key indicators:

Furnace noises and smells

When you first have your furnace installed, sometimes you may notice a bit of a pungent smell. But as time passes, your furnace should run without any noticeable scent. However, if there’s a lingering smell coming from your furnace, or the sudden arrival of a new one, you might want to have your furnace looked at.

The same goes for sudden strange noises. Banging, rattling, irregular hums and groans are all signs it’s time to call your HVAC contractor. Fagnan’s Furnace Service is here to provide the inspection and service your furnace may need to prepare it for the coldest months.

Sudden spikes in your energy bill

While it’s normal for energy bills to fluctuate somewhat, depending on the season and current energy costs, a big jump in your energy bill from month to month (or even a slow rise over a few months) could be pointing to a problem with your furnace’s efficiency. Have your furnace looked at now to keep your energy costs as low as possible while heating your home this winter.

Cycling on and off

A furnace that is starting and stopping before it can complete an entire heating cycle is one that probably needs an inspection. Repeated cycling could mean something in your furnace needs cleaning. It could also be an issue with your furnace’s fan. Call us for a furnace inspection, and we’ll let you know what might need repair.

Uneven heat or lack of heat

Your house should maintain a consistent temperature day and night. If this isn’t the case, a furnace repair may be the next step. You won’t find cold or hot patches in your home with a furnace that is functioning at its best. Some areas of your house may feel hotter or cooler than others, but you shouldn’t experience drastically different temperatures throughout different areas in your home.

Time for a new furnace?

If you’re seeing any of the above indicators with your furnace, you likely need repairs. Or it could just be time for a new furnace. A furnace that is 20 years old (or even older) and experiencing any of the problems listed above, or others, signifies your furnace may have reached the end of its life. Plus, you’ll benefit from the energy savings a new high-efficiency furnace can provide.

Fagnan’s Furnace Service has decades of experience servicing and replacing furnaces and a knowledgeable staff here to help. We pride ourselves in being a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and can also make a host of recommendations to find the furnace make and model that is right for you and your home.

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