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Why does my home have uneven heating and cooling?

Are some rooms in your home too cold or too hot? Does the number on your thermostat not reflect the room’s temperature? Are your rooms never the desired temperature?

Uneven heating and cooling is frustrating and can make your home an unpleasant place to be. If this is the case, schedule an inspection with your HVAC specialist. Something is likely amiss in your HVAC system.

Ageing HVAC

HVAC units can last 15 to 25 years… but only with proper maintenance. After ten years, much HVACs heat unevenly and ineffectively. Regular professional tune-ups and repairs can, of course, mitigate these issues.

However, there will come a time when it makes more sense to replace rather than repair. Your HVAC contractor can advise you on the best course of action. We can troubleshoot ongoing issues, repair damage, and even retrofit your existing unit to help it run as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

Wrong size HVAC

If your HVAC is struggling to deliver even heat throughout your home, it may be the wrong size. Alternatively, you might have added an addition to increase the size of your home. Regardless, your HVAC lacks the power to heat your house. If this is the case, it’s best to replace your unit with a newer model that is more energy-efficient and the correct size.

Dirty Filters

You should replace your air filters every 30-90 days, or according to the manufacturer’s directions. Failing to do so can compromise the efficiency and quality of airflow in your home. Over time, air filters clog with dust, debris, and other debris. This results in blockages throughout the heating system, which we feel as cold spots. Swapping out air filters is a straightforward way to fix uneven heating and cooling.

Leaky Air Ducts

For your home to have even heating, the heat must reach its destination. Leaky ducts disrupt this process. Cracks, holes, or improperly connected ducts allow warm (or cool) air to leak out of the HVAC system. When this happens, some rooms will hardly get any heat, while others will receive the intended amount. As a result, your home is less comfortable- and your energy bills are higher.

To fix this issue, schedule a professional inspection with Fagnan’s Furnace Service! We’ll repair any leaky ducts quickly and effectively.

Blocked Vents

Have you accidentally placed your furniture over a critical air vent? In this case, your furniture is blocking the flow of warm and cool air. You’ll have a hard time getting the room to the desired temperature. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Simply rearrange your furniture.

Fix uneven heating and cooling with Fagnan’s Furnace Service!

An inspection of your HVAC system can fix uneven heating and cooling. You can finally enjoy rooms at the perfect temperature! Your home will be a comfortable place to relax and enjoy. At Fagnan’s Furnace Service, a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your HVAC system running perfectly.

Contact us for general maintenance, repairs, duct retrofits, and new HVAC installations.

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