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Why is my furnace leaking water?

Your furnace is leaking, and you're not sure what could be the cause. A few things can cause your furnace to leak water, requiring immediate attention.

Here we share more about why your furnace could be leaking water in the first place.

High-efficiency leaks

A conventional furnace that operates at standard efficiency doesn't generate water and therefore doesn't leak. A high-efficiency furnace works differently, though.

This type of furnace releases exhaust gases that cause condensation. We're not talking just a little condensation here, but enough that the water it creates will need draining. Your furnace uses a floor drain to drain this extra moisture. If you've got a leaking high-efficiency furnace, chances are it isn't draining properly. Give us a call, and we can check it out and review repair options.

Leaky pump

Some high-efficiency furnace owners have a condensation pump and reservoir instead of a floor drain to collect condensation water. Unfortunately, just like other parts of your furnace can become clogged with dust or debris, your condensation pump can become clogged too. A fully or partially blocked drain will lead to a leak in your furnace. If you've sprung a leak, get in touch ASAP.

Humidifier leak

It's also possible for the humidifier inside your furnace to leak. If your furnace parts need cleaning or replacing, then this may be the cause of your leak. In this case, ensuring you have scheduled annual service for your furnace will help to prevent your humidifier from leaking. No one wants to deal with a leak or other HVAC issues that can crop up. We are here to give your system its yearly check-up to prevent leaks and other damage that can happen over time.

Constant leaking?

If you've been dealing with leak after leak from your furnace for a while now, or you have a standard furnace and would like to save on energy costs, consider a new furnace. We offer a wide selection of new, high-efficiency furnaces that will run smoothly and save money on your monthly energy bills.

We are also a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and can recommend a model that suits your home and budget. For example, Carrier's 59SC5 Comfort™ 95 gas furnace achieves 96.5% AFUE! It also features an ECM blower motor with additional speed options that enhance comfort.

Reach out Fagnan's Furnace Service today for repairs, a furnace tune-up or to discuss our array of new furnace options.

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