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Why you should avoid DIY HVAC repairs

Trying to repair your HVAC yourself is risky and ineffective. You risk electrical shock or further malfunctions because of shoddy repairs. Consequently, always call a trusted and professional HVAC contractor like Fagnan’s Furnace Services when your HVAC needs repairs.

1. Safety hazards

HVAC repairs are dangerous for anyone who lacks proper training. HVAC systems use high voltage electricity, which can be fatal. They also use natural gas, which is also dangerous to work with.

Consequently, qualified HVAC technicians should be the ones to call for all repairs. They have the correct training, knowledge, and equipment to complete the work safely and without mistakes.

Furthermore, some parts of your HVAC system could have dangerous chemical refrigerants. These chemicals must be properly handled and disposed of, which can only be done by a professionally trained contractor.

2. Lack of proper tools

HVAC repairs are complicated and require special tools and equipment, and most homeowners do not have the necessary tools to perform HVAC repairs. On the other hand, professionals like Fagnan’s Furnace Service have all the specialized tools and replacement parts needed for maintenance and repairs.

3. Reduced efficiency

Attempting to DIY your HVAC repairs inevitably leads to mistakes. Unfortunately, minor errors can lead to significant consequences on the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system.

4. More issues

Amateur repairs can lead to more malfunctions, damage vital components, or cause a total system failure. Sometimes, those repairs can be more costly than if you had just called a professional from the beginning. Fagnan’s Furnace Service is there to help - right from the start.

5. Voided warranty

Check your furnace or air conditioner warranty. In most cases, it will require a certified HVAC technician to handle the repairs. Otherwise, the warranty could be void. Considering HVAC units are a significant investment, you don’t want to render your warranty invalid. If you do, you will bear the sole financial responsibility for replacement or repairs.

Contact us for expert HVAC Repairs

For efficient, effective, and lasting HVAC repairs, call Fagnan’s Furnace Services in Calgary! We are a Carrier Authorized Factory Dealer but have decades of experience working on all major HVAC brands, makes and models.

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