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Your AC should not be running constantly

Your AC works hard to keep your home cool in the summer, but it should not run non-stop. Yes, it might run more often during a heatwave, but if you notice it rarely shuts off, there could be an issue.

Here are five troubleshooting tips to get your AC to stop running 24/7:

The air filter is clogged

A dirty air filter can restrict the airflow. When that happens, the system can't properly remove the humidity in your home and cool the air to the set temperatures. So instead, sometimes the unit keeps running to cool things down and attempt to hit that target temperature. Check your air filter, and ensure you change it often and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Faulty thermostat

The thermostat tells your system when and how long to run and what temperature to reach. So, when you have a faulty thermostat, there's nothing to tell your air conditioner to stop cooling. Sometimes a good old fashion "off and back on" reset will fix the problem. If not, it could also be that the inside of the thermostat is dirty or possibly corroded from an old battery. That buildup can easily prevent the wiring from sending the right signals, so check it and give it a good cleaning if necessary.

Blower motor and fan trouble

The blower motor and the fans are two essential parts of your air conditioner. The motor blows air that moves the fan, which then moves air through the rest of the unit to the ducts and your home. Together, the two parts keep the AC working, but when one runs into trouble, it affects overall efficiency.

That can be enough to make your unit work double time and, as such, run constantly. Check to see if the blower motor is producing enough air, or try speeding up the speed of the fans. It could also be a layer of dirt on the fans, causing slowness and constant running.

Restrictive filters

Air conditioning units have different air filters that filter dust, pollen, and other small particles. The higher the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting values) rating, the more effective the filter. That said, you can accidentally install a too restrictive filter for your AC. In that case, the unit can't adequately cool your home, so it might run more than needed. Try replacing the filter with a lower MERV rating and see if that does the trick.

Wrong-sized unit

If you've recently renovated your home or added square footage, that might be the source of AC trouble. Outfitting your air conditioner to your home is crucial, and you must choose the right unit for your home and square footage. When the AC is no longer the right size for your home, it can't keep things cool, which leads to it running constantly. Unless an HVAC contractor can retrofit the unit for your home, the best option is to upgrade to a new model with the correct size.

Call Fagnan's Furnace Service for professional support

If troubleshooting doesn't find the problem, call an experienced HVAC specialist to help. Fagnan's Furnace Service can help with maintenance, repairs, replacements and more.

We are a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, but we can work on all makes and models.

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